‘En Plein Air’ a workshop by Bill Gribble

This spring Bill Gribble will be hosting his second workshop at the Harbour Gallery.

Beach Light, Llanddwyn Print

Weather permitting, there will be at least 1 day painting ‘en plein air’ (outside), employing oil painting techniques in an ‘alla prima’ (first attempt, wet on wet) style. A second day will also be be used to gather ideas and inspiration. From these quick paintings, photographs and sketches, you will develop a painting over the following days. The main display room of the Harbour Gallery will become your studio.

Participants will have the opportunity to develop their own abilities and learn new skills. The result should be to achieve a competent basis for further plein air and studio painting.


The course will run from 19th May – 22nd May and is £160 for all 4 days, lunch included. There are only 6 spaces available so book now to avoid disappointment. If you want any more details or information pop into the gallery or drop us a message.

A new exhibition by Josie Russell. 12th April 2014

Last year we hosted an exhibition by Josie Russell and it was a huge success. Within the first hour we sold more then half of the work on display. By the end of the first week we had sold out completely. We are excited to announce that in less then 2 weeks we are going to have more than 30 of Josie’s original pieces of work on display at the Harbour Gallery.


The exhibition will be starting at 2pm on the 12th April and will last for 3 weeks. Josie will be at the gallery on the 12th April, 2pm-5pm to show and talk about her latest work.


We recommend that anyone who is looking to purchase a piece from Josie should arrive on the first day to avoid any disappointment.

Exhibition  - 12th April – 2nd May.

Open Afternoon 12th April 2pm – 5pm

‘Maps’ an exhibition by Dewi Clough

Tomorrow is the start of the first exhibition this year at the Harbour Gallery. I’m quite excited as it’s one that I’ve been working on for the last few months.

I’ve been concentrating on using vintage paper and cloth maps as an artistic medium. Taking sections and framing them, or even stitching popular paths and walks directly onto the maps.

Photo 28-02-2014 10 20 24 Photo 28-02-2014 10 21 27 Photo 28-02-2014 10 23 46 Photo 28-02-2014 10 24 07

2014 at the Harbour Gallery

Maps – An exhibition by Dewi Clough. 1st March-21st March (01/03/2014 – 21/03/2014)

For the gallery’s first exhibition of the year I will be displaying a project that I have been working on for the last few months. Ever since I was little I’ve always been fascinated by old maps. However well you know an area, there will always be an undiscovered road or village that you’ve never heard of or noticed. What I have done is isolated, mounted and framed individual sections of popular locations. I want this exhibition to be an enjoyable experience as you search each map for a recognisable location or name, and at the same time discover places that you’ve never hear of. In a age where your phone can tell you how to get from place to place, I want people to rediscover the beauty of the map.

2014-02-15 at 12-33-39

N52° 53′ W-3° 36′
Original Vintage Cloth Map

2014-02-15 at 12-32-27

N53° 16′ W-4° 19′
Original Vintage Paper Map Tryptic


An Exhibition by Josie Russell. 12th April-2nd May (12/04/2014 – 02/05/2014)

Open afternoon with Josie 2pm-5pm Saturday 12th April

Following from last year’s sell out exhibition, Josie will be back in the Harbour Gallery displaying her latest collection of collage work. For three weeks we will be hosting Josie’s work in the main gallery, and we are very excited about it. Last year we sold more than half of her collection in the first night, and we had completely sold out by the end of the first week. We expect that it’ll be just as busy this year, so anyone wishing to purchase one of Josie’s fantastic pieces, should try and get here on the first afternoon of the exhibition.

Her work will go on display at 2pm on Saturday 12th April, where Josie will be at the gallery to discus her work.

Nantle Valley at Night Original Textile 38x43cm

Nantle Valley at Night
Original Textile

Later this year we will also be hosting:

An Exhibition by Steven Jones. 24th June-13th July (24/06/2014 – 13/06/2014)

An Open Exhibition for anyone to enter. 5th July – 25th July (05/07/2014 – 25/07/2014)

An Exhibition by Ruth Bitowski. 16th August – 5th September (16/08/2014 – 05/09/2014)

A Photographers Only Open Exhibition for anyone to enter. 27th September – 17th October (27/09/2014 – 17/10/2014)

I will be posting more details on these events in due course.

Winter Open Times

The cold is coming in and everything is frosty. So I’m changing my open times for the next few months. You’ll still be able to get hold of me and pop in but I’ll be closed for a few more days.

Saturdays 11am-4pm

Sundays 11am-4pm

Mondays 11am-4pm

Tuesdays 11am-4pm

Wednesdays Closed

Thursdays Closed

Fridays 11am-4pm


I’m also taking a little break and closing up for the weekdays at the end of January.

January 20th-24th Closed

January 27th-31st Closed


On right now we have a 10% sale across the gallery (excluding greetings cards).


It’s on until the 10th Jan so It’s the perfect time to pop in and grab yourself an arty bargain!

The Harbour Gallery Christmas Gift Guide!

Buying presents at Christmas can be a difficult thing. We want to make it a little easier for you.

For the art collector

Original art doesn’t have to be expensive. We have a range of original oil painting by Elizabeth Myfanwy Clough each at £95. We have a number of these on the website and many more in the gallery. Pop in to have a look. We also have limited edition prints by many of our artists. These start from £25 and are perfect for art on a budget.

Afon Conwy Original Oil Elizabeth Myfanwy Clough

Afon Conwy
Original Oil
Elizabeth Myfanwy Clough


For the budding photographer

We currently have a range of vintage cameras in store that have been fully tested and are perfect for anyone wanting to get into photography. With cameras starting at £35, each comes with a roll of film to get you started. So much cheaper than a digital camera and they are much more versatile. Not to mention a lot of fun!

Petri 7S Rangefinder Camera

Petri 7S
Rangefinder Camera


Something beautiful

We have a range of silver and porcelain jewellery in store as well. Perfect for the someone special in your life.

Jewellery by Sian Lewis, Charlotte Bellis & Neal Lindskog

Jewellery by Sian Lewis, Charlotte Bellis & Neal Lindskog

Vintage Cameras

New to the Harbour Gallery, we are now displaying and selling vintage cameras. Anyone who’s ever met me knows that I’m an avid photographer, and I’m happiest when I have a camera in my hands. For the most part I use vintage film cameras. Nothing beats grabbing a Zenit or Zorki, throwing some film in my pockets and heading into the great outdoors.

Zenit 3M

Zenit 3M

Taken with an Agfa 100

Taken with an Agfa 100

If anyone is just starting in photography and wants to learn more, the best advice that I can give is to pick up one of these cameras. Using film forces you to slow down and think about exactly what you are doing. And when you’ve only got 24 or 36 shots per roll you have to make each one count. In turn this will make you a better photographer, and you’ll feel more connected to your subjects.

Taken with the Zenit 3M

Taken with the Zenit 3M

Picking up a film SLR is also a much cheaper option for those interested in photography. We have cameras starting at £20, and SlRs from £40. Film is cheap and so is development. Compared to the hundreds or even thousands spent on digital cameras, film is easily the more affordable option.

Taken with the Contaflex Zeiss Ikon

Taken with the Contaflex Zeiss Ikon

If you want to know more pop into the gallery for a look and a chat.

Fed 3

Fed 3

Art Workshops

I’m excited to announce that this January we will be running out first masterclass workshops. Starting with a seascape oil painting course, participants will spend 4 sessions learning new skills and developing their abilities whilst concentrating on the North Wales coast. Bill Gribble who produces some of the best seascape paintings in North Wales will be leading this class and will help you develop the skills you need to produce your own stunning pieces of art.

Following this, we will also be holding a Landscape Watercolour Masterclass, lead by Elizabeth Myfanwy Clough. With 20 years of professional painting and teaching behind her, Elizabeth will be concentrating on the welsh valleys and mountains in the medium of watercolour. Through demonstrations and working with the participants Elizabeth help develop the skills you need to work with this versatile medium.

Bill Gribble’s Seascape Oil Masterclass: 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th January 2014

Elizabeth Myfanwy Clough’s Landscape Watercolour Masterclass: 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th, February 2014

Each masterclass course will cost £160 for the 4 days (£40 per-session).

Tea and coffee will be served all day along with a light lunch provided.

All participants are expected to bring their own art materials, though a small amount will be available to purchase from the gallery.

The Autumn Open

Tomorrow is the first day of the Autumn Open Exhibition! After receiving a number of entries, we’ve picked out the best pieces which will all go on display tomorrow morning. Then at 2pm we will be holding an open afternoon where the artists will be available to talk about their work.

Myrna Lowens 'Snow in the Hills and More to Come' Original Oil

Myrna Lowens
‘Snow in the Hills and More to Come’

With over 20 pieces we’ve picked a wide range of styles, mediums and subjects. There’s something for everyone.

Gemma Thorpe 'Race Day' Mixed Media

Gemma Thorpe
‘Race Day’
Mixed Media

This is a really exciting exhibition for the Harbour Gallery. It’s great to be able to work with all the different artists who have submitted work and we’re excited about working with local artists in the future.

Annie Lloyd 'Snowdonia' Acrylic

Annie Lloyd