Summer Open 2014 – Judging and Opening

The judging process has been completed and we have decided on the work to be accepted into this years Summer Open exhibition. Below are a couple of pieces that we’re successful and will be on display for the duration of the exhibition.

Photo 26-06-2014 18 11 05

We had an exceptional turn out this year, and all the work entered was of a fantastic quality. Sadly we we’re not able to accept everything as we only have so much space, but I am very pleased with our final decision.


There will be an open afternoon from 2pm on the 5th July to start the exhibition. Many of the artists who submitted work will be here, and it should be a fantastic event.

Photo 26-06-2014 18 10 45The exhibition will then run for 3 weeks until the 25th July.

Summer Open Exhibition 2014

Submissions for the second open exhibition are now open!

As of today we are accepting work to be viewed by a panel of judges with the hopes of having them displayed in this summers open exhibition at the Harbour Gallery. Submissions can be dropped off at the Harbour Gallery from the 9th June to the 22nd June.

Gemma Thorpe 'Race Day' Mixed Media

This is a chance for anyone and everyone to have their work displayed and sold by the Harbour Gallery. There is a £5 fee for each image submitted and all work accepted will be on display for 3 weeks.

Photo 11-10-2013 11 07 15

All work will be judged by myself and two other fantastic artists. There is no required theme and I’m hoping to see a wide array of work submitted.

Myrna Lowens 'Snow in the Hills and More to Come' Original Oil

If you have any friends or family who are artists let them know about this chance to have their work displayed in a professional gallery.

More details and the terms and conditions can be found here

If you are a photographer please reframe from submitting work to this exhibition as I will be holding a dedicated photography open exhibition later in the year.

Layaway Payments

Here at the Harbour Gallery we know what it’s like to find a piece of art that you fall in love with. We know what it’s like when you can’t afford that piece, and sadly we also know what it’s like when you come back to find it gone, sold before you could buy it yourself.

Photo 25-04-2014 13 31 38

To tackle this we have devised a layaway payment scheme to allow anyone and everyone to reserve work and pay it off over a period of time (agreed upon by yourself and the gallery). During which time we will take it down from display, wrap it up and look after it for you until all payments have been made.

Conwy Storm Print

The best thing about using the layaway scheme is that it’s totally interest free and you are always welcome to shorten the time by paying off the remaining balance.

Photo 04-11-2013 12 11 24If you want to know more pop into the gallery and we’ll chat everything over.

‘Summer’ an exhibition by Steven Jones

In just over two weeks we will be having our first exhibition with Steven Jones. Steven has had work displayed across the globe, worked for many prestigious clients including BBC, Jaguar Cars and Wall’s Ice Creams but here at the Harbour Gallery we believe that his best work concentrates around the summer.



Art is at it’s best when it portrays a feeling or captures a moment. Steven’s work does this so well that even in the dark winter months his paintings can take you right back to a lazy summer day by the beach; ice cream in hand and a cool sea breeze washing over you.



Steven will be having an open afternoon on the 24th May, starting at 2pm. The open afternoon is there for anyone to attend and Steven will be there to talk about and show off over 25 pieces of original work. The exhibition will then run for 3 weeks.

2014 at the Harbour Gallery (continued)

We’ve had two very successful exhibition so far at the gallery. Maps by Dewi Clough and an exhibition by Josie Russell (which is still on until the 2nd May). Now it’s time to get ready for the next few events coming up.


Bill Gribble’s second workshop (19th May-22nd May)

We still have a couple of spots left so don’t miss out with Bill making full use of the (hopefully) fantastic May weather and beautiful surroundings of Conwy. Bill and 6 other participants will be heading out into Conwy to gain inspiration and develop their observation skills. The Harbour Gallery will then become their studio for 4 days. With Bill’s tutorship you’ll be a master in no time.

Photo 25-04-2014 13 28 05


Steven Jones Exhibition (24th May-13th June) 

Steven will be showcasing his latest collection of work at the Harbour Gallery with an open afternoon on the 24th May, 2pm-5pm. We’ve had Steven’s work in the gallery since we opened and it’s really exciting to be able to work with him on this exhibition.

Photo 25-04-2014 13 31 38


Elizabeth Myfanwy Clough’s Palette Knife Oil Workshop (2nd July)

Elizabeth will be sharing her skills on properly using a palette knife and oil paints. This combination can produce some amazingly tactile results that match perfectly with both the Welsh coastline and the Snowdonia mountains.

Photo 24-10-2013 15 53 24


The Summer Open Exhibition at the Harbour Gallery (5th July-25th July)

This is a fantastic chance for anyone and everyone to get involved with the gallery. More details and submission dates can be found on the Open Exhibition page

‘En Plein Air’ a workshop by Bill Gribble

This spring Bill Gribble will be hosting his second workshop at the Harbour Gallery.

Beach Light, Llanddwyn Print

Weather permitting, there will be at least 1 day painting ‘en plein air’ (outside), employing oil painting techniques in an ‘alla prima’ (first attempt, wet on wet) style. A second day will also be be used to gather ideas and inspiration. From these quick paintings, photographs and sketches, you will develop a painting over the following days. The main display room of the Harbour Gallery will become your studio.

Participants will have the opportunity to develop their own abilities and learn new skills. The result should be to achieve a competent basis for further plein air and studio painting.


The course will run from 19th May – 22nd May and is £160 for all 4 days, lunch included. There are only 6 spaces available so book now to avoid disappointment. If you want any more details or information pop into the gallery or drop us a message.

A new exhibition by Josie Russell. 12th April 2014

Last year we hosted an exhibition by Josie Russell and it was a huge success. Within the first hour we sold more then half of the work on display. By the end of the first week we had sold out completely. We are excited to announce that in less then 2 weeks we are going to have more than 30 of Josie’s original pieces of work on display at the Harbour Gallery.


The exhibition will be starting at 2pm on the 12th April and will last for 3 weeks. Josie will be at the gallery on the 12th April, 2pm-5pm to show and talk about her latest work.


We recommend that anyone who is looking to purchase a piece from Josie should arrive on the first day to avoid any disappointment.

Exhibition  - 12th April – 2nd May.

Open Afternoon 12th April 2pm – 5pm

‘Maps’ an exhibition by Dewi Clough

Tomorrow is the start of the first exhibition this year at the Harbour Gallery. I’m quite excited as it’s one that I’ve been working on for the last few months.

I’ve been concentrating on using vintage paper and cloth maps as an artistic medium. Taking sections and framing them, or even stitching popular paths and walks directly onto the maps.

Photo 28-02-2014 10 20 24 Photo 28-02-2014 10 21 27 Photo 28-02-2014 10 23 46 Photo 28-02-2014 10 24 07

2014 at the Harbour Gallery

Maps – An exhibition by Dewi Clough. 1st March-21st March (01/03/2014 – 21/03/2014)

For the gallery’s first exhibition of the year I will be displaying a project that I have been working on for the last few months. Ever since I was little I’ve always been fascinated by old maps. However well you know an area, there will always be an undiscovered road or village that you’ve never heard of or noticed. What I have done is isolated, mounted and framed individual sections of popular locations. I want this exhibition to be an enjoyable experience as you search each map for a recognisable location or name, and at the same time discover places that you’ve never hear of. In a age where your phone can tell you how to get from place to place, I want people to rediscover the beauty of the map.

2014-02-15 at 12-33-39

N52° 53′ W-3° 36′
Original Vintage Cloth Map

2014-02-15 at 12-32-27

N53° 16′ W-4° 19′
Original Vintage Paper Map Tryptic


An Exhibition by Josie Russell. 12th April-2nd May (12/04/2014 – 02/05/2014)

Open afternoon with Josie 2pm-5pm Saturday 12th April

Following from last year’s sell out exhibition, Josie will be back in the Harbour Gallery displaying her latest collection of collage work. For three weeks we will be hosting Josie’s work in the main gallery, and we are very excited about it. Last year we sold more than half of her collection in the first night, and we had completely sold out by the end of the first week. We expect that it’ll be just as busy this year, so anyone wishing to purchase one of Josie’s fantastic pieces, should try and get here on the first afternoon of the exhibition.

Her work will go on display at 2pm on Saturday 12th April, where Josie will be at the gallery to discus her work.

Nantle Valley at Night Original Textile 38x43cm

Nantle Valley at Night
Original Textile

Later this year we will also be hosting:

An Exhibition by Steven Jones. 24th June-13th July (24/06/2014 – 13/06/2014)

An Open Exhibition for anyone to enter. 5th July – 25th July (05/07/2014 – 25/07/2014)

An Exhibition by Ruth Bitowski. 16th August – 5th September (16/08/2014 – 05/09/2014)

A Photographers Only Open Exhibition for anyone to enter. 27th September – 17th October (27/09/2014 – 17/10/2014)

I will be posting more details on these events in due course.

Winter Open Times

The cold is coming in and everything is frosty. So I’m changing my open times for the next few months. You’ll still be able to get hold of me and pop in but I’ll be closed for a few more days.

Saturdays 11am-4pm

Sundays 11am-4pm

Mondays 11am-4pm

Tuesdays 11am-4pm

Wednesdays Closed

Thursdays Closed

Fridays 11am-4pm


I’m also taking a little break and closing up for the weekdays at the end of January.

January 20th-24th Closed

January 27th-31st Closed